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Working Dent of London Inclined Plane Clock

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Start price: $1,000

Estimated price: $2,500 - $4,750

Buyer's premium: 10%

Limited-Edition Dent of London Inclined Plane Clock. These mystery clocks are also sometimes referred to as Rolling Drum Clocks and were invented in the 1680s. Dent was the designer and maker of Big Ben, one of the world’s most recognized timepieces to this day. The Inclined Plane Clock descends the sloped plane, over a period of a week. The jeweled movement, with a platform escapement, never needs winding, as the clock powers itself, principally through the "use" of the power of gravity. This finely crafted Dent clock is a close copy of the one made by the clock’s inventor, Maurice Wheeler, in 1684. This is the Dent version from 1974. Solid, heavy, and well-constructed, with the incline made of solid brass with solid brass columns. 60 pounds, is 28 inches long, 8 inches tall, and 4.75 inches in depth.The clock has been tested and is in working order.